Stephanie, Photographer


I always loved photography, but having children changed my perspective forever.  My children have lit in me a sense of urgency to capture every moment, to have something tangible to look at and hold and remember.  As kids change every day, even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant detail can become such a precious gift. 


I was trained in acting and musical theater, and always considered myself a creative arts person, but having three children didn't leave much time for myself.  When my husband gave me a DSLR a few years ago, I realized how having a family and having a creative background can be intertwined.  It has since become an obsession.  I’m so blessed to have a family that encourages and supports this passion I have.


I like to call my style of photography “observational portraiture”.  Because my goal is to capture who you are, I don’t like to interfere.  My images are candid, and generally unposed.  I like to have a dialogue with you about your life, as it makes it easier to see who you are through the camera.  I absolutely love photographing children, because they have the ability to just be.  


The best photos are those in which you are completely yourself.  



Photo credit: Kym Vitar Photography