Megan + Steve
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Monday, November 17, 2014
By Stephanie
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Megan and Steve are actual aerospace engineers. Like, real life rocket scientists. So it was a no-brainer (get it? Cause they're geniuses.) to hold their wedding at the Redondo Beach Historic Library. Instead of the boring old table numbers, their guests were seated at tables named after one of their favorite books. On each table was a description of the book, and what it meant to them. Around the library, photos and books were displayed according to different chapters in their lives. Escort cards were library cards, of course. Notes of love typed on an antique typwriter. Every last detail was special and significant to them. Beyond the details, the most significant thing about their day was how many friends and family traveled from near and far to be with them. They were surrounded, enveloped by people who support and encourage them. It was an honor just to be a witness. Love you two. 





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