Katie + Eric {Tuscany, Italy}
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Thursday, July 21, 2016
By Intuitive Images
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When you travel halfway around the world to document your high school best friend's wedding, a lot can happen. Missed flights, cancelled flights, unintentional 5 hour bus rides, lost luggage, thunderstorms, emergency room visits.

But somehow, when it was time for Katie and Eric to marry each other, the stars aligned. The skies cleared. The rainbow appeared. Not even joking.

Katie, to me, is the embodiment of the idea that positive energy brings positive events. To see someone so special to me experience such an event, with so much love beaming through the clouds, was something I will never, ever forget.


Katie and Eric, thank you for creating this day. And congratulations on creating the life you have together. We love you.  


Coordination by: http://www.italyweddings.com

Borgo Petrognano, Tuscany, Italy

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