Jasmin and Nicolas
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Saturday, September 05, 2015
By Stephanie
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Living in Europe, they had to rely on their family to help them pull together this day in Laguna Beach. All they knew was that they wanted to say I Do on the beach where she spent her childhood. The day that unfolded proved to be the most intimate, laid back, relaxed event I've been a part of. After their ceremony, they just talked and danced and laughed and hugged. No timeline. No coordinator. No rushing from one thing to another.

The bartender lost the ring. Then he found it. They lost her bracelet. Then I found it. It seemed every little hurdle, every little hiccup, just got taken in stride. With their eyes on the important stuff, they accomplished what every bride and groom strive to do-

They just sat in the moment, and soaked it all in. 




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