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Wednesday, October 03, 2012
By Stephanie
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Did I mention that they are swing dancers? 


Their bridal party was hilarious, good looking, and fun. The reception was absolutely filled to the brim with laughter, dancing, and fabulous music. If they weren't being sent off with bubbles in a Rolls Royce, I don't think they ever would have left the party. 


And who can blame them? Look how much fun everyone had. :) 




Again, I have to say that my second shooter, Kym Vitar Photography, was absolutely indespensible. Thank you Kym for your support, your vision, and your talent. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012
By Stephanie
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When Michelle and Matt booked their wedding with me, they wanted to do their engagement session at the beach. Which is fine. But I told her... I have an idea. I've been wanting to do an engagement session at a carnival. A carnival?! That's weird! Well, not to Michelle and Matt. These two fun-loving folks frequent their neighborhood toy store up in Seattle. No, they don't have kids yet. They ARE kids. They are hilarious, sarcastic, and I can't remember when I've seen two people just genuinely enjoy each other so very much. You just know these two are going to have a fun wedding, right? 


Thanks for being up for anything, and for coming out to play! 



Thank you Michelle and Matt! Can't wait for your beautiful wedding next year!!! 


Saturday, May 26, 2012
By Stephanie
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I set Alyssa up.




On our High School varsity volleyball team, I was setter and Alyssa was our middle hitter. (By the way, Deanna, our last bride, was our second setter- it's been a fantastic month for San Pedro Pirate reunions!)

In high school, Alyssa was the strong, confident, self-assured atheletic girl that everyone was intimidated by (in the best of ways).


So it only stands to reason that now, so many years later, she would end up with a strong, confident, funny husband, and an independent strong-willed hilarious little girl. I was so incredibly honored and excited to take these family photos for her as she awaits her second baby. 



Love you guys- can't wait to meet #2!



Monday, April 09, 2012
By Stephanie
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Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day stuff. We forget that the toy we just tripped on is someone's special treasure. We forget that a homemade meal means that someone loves us. We forget that independent, brilliant, creative minds are forged in homes with room to breathe and play and (yes) get messy. Here's a little reminder that even the silly, chaotic, out of control moments deserve pause. 


Take a second today and look around. I bet you'll see something spectacular.